Okanagan Boat Lifts and Marine Services carries only the highest quality products from reputable manufacturers. Thanks to the extensive line of products that Shoremaster and Basta Boatlifts have developed, Okanagan Boat Lift is able to offer boat lifts, centering devices, anchors, power unit support brackets, platform kits and much more. In addition, all of our lifts are solar powered, making them extremely environmentally friendly.

Contact Okanagan Boat Lifts for more information on any of our products - we can supply the products and installation at your convenience!

Wireless Fobs

Which would you rather use when pulling up to your dock? Wireless key fob remote controls are standard on our lifts!

Solar Power Units

Our self-contained solar charged Power Unit uses environmentally approved, biodegradable fluid, neatly packed in a sturdy fiberglass case

Control Box

Our control box blends into your decor and is securely fastened to your deck, or optionally it can come with a power unit support bracket.

Boat Guides

Centering Devices ... adjustable guide posts for all sizes of boats


Our various coloured canopies are sturdy and wind resistant and attach to a variety of lifts.

De-Icing Units

Our De-Icing Units can prevent damage caused by ice on the lake

A boat lift from Okanagan Boat Lifts gives you a fighting chance against Mother Nature!

Why Own a Boat Lift?
Give yourself a fighting chance against the power of Mother Nature!

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Okanagan Boat Lifts offers a variety of marine services, such as dock repair

Marine Services & Products
Our services include dock repair, and sales and service of parts.

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Okanagan Boat Lifts provide water transport on our barge.

Barge Services
Need something transported on any area lake? Call us!

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We also offer a variety of winter services during the off-season.

Off-Season Services
From snow roads to heavy equipment driving, call us!

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