Extend the life of your boat with a great-looking lift!

Your power boat is an important investment, so why take a chance in having that investment damaged in a sudden storm? Okanagan area lakes are subject to wild weather, and that extra investment in a solid boat lift may make a huge difference to you!

We at Okanagan Boat Lifts have been installing lifts for our customers' power boats for several years and have heard a lot of thanks you's!

We will adapt your lift to your mooring, including building a dock around the lifts themselves.

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A boat lift from Okanagan Boat Lifts gives you a fighting chance against Mother Nature!

Why Own a Boat Lift?
Give yourself a fighting chance against the power of Mother Nature!

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Okanagan Boat Lifts offers a variety of marine services, such as dock repair

Marine Services & Products
Our services include dock repair, and sales and service of parts.

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Okanagan Boat Lifts provide water transport on our barge.

Barge Services
Need something transported on any area lake? Call us!

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We also offer a variety of winter services during the off-season.

Off-Season Services
From snow roads to heavy equipment driving, call us!

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