A boat lift at the end of your dock is more than just a "pretty face" !

The usefulness of a boat lift goes way beyond the aesthetic beauty of a neat-looking mooring. A boat lift stores your boat above the water and out of danger.

Our boat lifts are installed so that they offer great protection against storm and wake damage.They also protect the bottom of your boat from dirt and grime build-ups usually associated with a boat being left in the water 24/7.

Our boat lifts are great for any size of watercraft, whether power boats, patio boats, sailboats, personal watercraft, or other!

Things to consider when choosing a boat lift:

  • What is the weight of your boat?
  • How deep is that water where the lift will be installed?
  • What type of water is the lift going in to (i.e. fresh, brackish, or salt water)?
  • What is the draft of the boat? This influences lifting height.
  • How much does the water level fluctuate? This also influences lifting height.
  • What is the shape of the hull? This influences both lifting height and minimum water depth.

Contact us and we will guide you as to the best size of boat lift for your needs

A boat lift from Okanagan Boat Lifts gives you a fighting chance against Mother Nature!

Why Own a Boat Lift?
Give yourself a fighting chance against the power of Mother Nature!

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Okanagan Boat Lifts offers a variety of marine services, such as dock repair

Marine Services & Products
Our services include dock repair, and sales and service of parts.

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Okanagan Boat Lifts provide water transport on our barge.

Barge Services
Need something transported on any area lake? Call us!

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We also offer a variety of winter services during the off-season.

Off-Season Services
From snow roads to heavy equipment driving, call us!

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